in metal working and industry


Production specialized by product groups, equipped with modern machinery

  • Milling, turning, grinding, polishing, honing, lapping
  • Die-sink EDM and wire EDM
  • Partial and full hardening, surface hardening, nitriding
  • Coating (PVD, CVD), type of coating depending on application
  • Batch size from 1 piece
  • Assembly of modules and tool sets


Advanced processes and the highest quality standards

We are constantly working to optimize our quality management system. Processes are regulated, traceable and continuously monitored.

The technical possibilities of our quality assurance and quality control are at the highest level.

Measurement results are digitalized and recorded in the corresponding verification protocols in numerical and visual form. This process makes it possible to coordinate with our customers remotely, without the need for time-consuming travel or shipping.


Efficient storage and
eco-friendly logistics solutions

Our warehouse, equipped with the latest technology, has sufficient capacity to store orders under annual contracts with subsequent phased shipment at the customer’s request.

The type of packaging, completion of finished orders, preparation of shipping documents and delivery time are determined and monitored in accordance with the individual requirements of our customers.

At the same time, our company pays great attention to environmental friendliness and constantly strives to reduce the use of plastic materials in packaging, reuse secondary packaging and optimally combine cargos.